About Us


WakeUp Carolina is an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to provide hope and healing to individuals, families, and communities affected by substance misuse.

Creighton's House is WakeUp's vision for a recovery community center that provides a safe space to offer peer-support services, meetings, and training to people seeking and maintaining recovery.


Purpose, Vision, & Mission

We believe in improving lives through hope, healing, and recovery.

We provide a community of unwavering support, compassion, and love for individuals and families seeking or maintaining recovery from substance misuse.

 We provide a recovery-focused community where individuals and families affected by substance misuse feel safe, accepted and supported while while navigating the road of recovery.


Creighton's House Preamble

Creighton's House is a community of people gathering together to create an environment where individuals seeking recovery can receive unwavering support. We honor all pathways of recovery. We aim to empower those seeking recovery with the tools and support to successfully take charge of their lives, and enhance their physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental wellbeing.